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Bendigo Saw Sharpening stocks a range of the toughest circular firewood saw blades, especially designed to cut in the most extreme conditions. From large commercial firewood processing operations to the indiviual firewood user, our Firewood Blades have been especially made for the job with superior quality tungsten tips.

Small Circular Firewood Blades - Table Saws, Drop Saws & Bench Saws

   Table Saw

Firewood Saw Bench Blades

Designed for use on Portable and Fixed Saw Benches, our range of Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) sawblades are manufactured locally in Australia. Sizes range from 450mm - 900mm diameter.

   Firewood Saw Bench


Commercial Firewood Processing Circular Saw Blades

Custom made to order as required, designed to specification for commercial firewood processors, docking machines and Excavators. Sizes range from 900mm - 1830mm.
1520MM FIREWOOD SAW BLADE   Firewood Processor


Reconditioned Saw Bench Firewood Saw Blades

Bendigo Saw Sharpening also offers reconditioned firewood saw blades as another option for the budget conscious. Our reconditioned firewood saws have been carefully modified by our expert machinists to the highest possible standard, and will perform well in even the harshest conditions.

Simply call or email us to get a quote on your next firewood saw!