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Bendigo Saw Sharpening helps you to achieve fast, clean cuts without the hot sparks with our range of Metal Cutting Saw Blades. The type and thickness of the metal you are working with influences which metal cutting saw blade you should choose for each job.

Metalsonic saw blades are designed to efficiently cut most materials with high quality results. These blades are especially for use in mitre saws and portable tools. Metalsonic saw blades will cut a wide range of metal, aluminium, plastics, wood, coolroom panel and wood with embedded nails.

Here are some examples of metal cutting blades available:

Coolroom Panel Cutter
115mm x 2T
Multi-Material Cut Saw Blade - Small
115mm x 20T
Multi-Material Cut Saw Blade - Large
180mm x 70T

 Simply call or email us to get a quote on your next TCT saw blade.